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SPECbyte from Compass Media Networks and developed by Yamanair Creative

You never saw ads for it. There was never a press release. No fanfare. No PR. For years, Yamanair has been quietly providing a service to CBS, Townsquare Media, Saga Communications, Alpha Media, Cherry Creek Radio and others in over 250 markets. This service is responsible for over 100 million dollars in Local Direct Revenue. This kind of power can only be kept quiet for so long. Now Yamanair, the creator of “CashbyCreative” presents a game changer…


Why SPECbyte?

Specbyte is one of only two services in the world

Capable of delivering customized specs within 3 hours

It is the new gold standard for radio sellers

Turn “Creative” into REVENUE

Seasoned team of pros who “get” the critical connection between creative and revenue. Not a bunch of creative prima donnas

A unique, revolutionary and affordable sales tool where managers are guaranteed to get what they need

Why local sellers love SPECbyte?

A meaningful, proven, sellable library of digital and audio spec spots designed to prospect and close deals

Ability for radio sellers to customize the specs within 3 hours of their request from their desktop or mobile devices

Ability for radio sellers to present advertising prospects with:

Customized Spec Audio

Customized Written scripts

Customized Banner ads

Customized Pre-Roll video

Why radio executives love SPECbyte?

100 % Market exclusive

Accountability tool enabling radio executives to track:

Performance by AE

Performance by radio station

Performance by radio market

Radio sellers are GUARANTEED to receive 100% customized audio and digital creative.

“A fantastic tool that significantly elevates our level of customer service!”

— Jeffrey Wilson, Senior Regional Vice President, Radio One

“SPECbyte is the secret weapon in closing new business. Spec commercials drastically increase the chances of a close and SPECbyte has helped our company generate significant new dollars. Creativity wins and SPECbyte is there to help!”

— David Bevins, COO, Connoisseur Media