1. This Morning with Gordon Deal Gordon Deal, Mike Gavin, Jennifer Kushinka 11:21
  2. MARKLEY, VAN CAMP & ROBBINS Jamie Markley, David van Camp & Scott Robbins 4:57
  3. DeDe in the Morning DeDe, Lady Jade, JJ Williamson 19:30
  4. The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show Free Beer, Hot Wings, Joe, Kelly, and Steve 4:57
  5. The Anna and Raven Show Anna and Raven 3:19
  6. Big D and Bubba Big D, Bubba 5:50
  7. Taste of Country Nights Evan Paul 3:36
  8. The Night Shift Craig Alen 3:07
  9. Pop Crush Nights AC-HOTAC Donny Meacham 2:16
  10. PopCrush Nights CHR Lauryn Snapp 1:11
  11. Joe Pags Parody Joe Pags 1:40
  12. Lars Larson Show Lars Larson 10:01
  13. The Dave & Mahoney Show Dave & Mahoney 3:08
  14. The Schnitt Show Todd Schnitt 12:07
  15. XXL HIGHER LEVEL RADIO DJ Digital 6:04
  16. Loudwire Nights Toni Gonzalez 20:19
  17. Baka Boyz Hip Hop Mastermix The BakaBoyz 4:24
  18. Baka Boyz All Star Hitmix (Top 40) The Baka Boyz 4:33
  19. Country with Carsen Carsen 3:56
  20. Y'all Access Kelly Sutton 5:16
  21. LA Lloyd's Weekly Rock 30 Countdown LA Lloyd 3:05
  22. Ultimate Classic Rock Joe Benson 6:11
  23. Cafe Mocha Cafe Mocha 4:20
  24. Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 CHR Rick Dees 2:19
  25. DAILY DEES Rick Dees 4:57
  26. Skratch N Sniff Special Show Tom Morello Show Special 0:38
  27. The Country Club DeeJay Silver 5:37
  28. Beatle Brunch Joe Johnson 13:54
  29. Hot Mix 5:02
  30. Honky Tonkin' with Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence 7:08
  31. The Original Country Gold Rowdy Yates 3:17
  32. Out of Order with Stryker Stryker 2:03
  33. Eddie Trunk Rocks Eddie Trunk 10:00
  34. Slow Jams r Dub 4:41
  35. Your Money Now Jennifer Kushinka 1:00
  36. Your Money Now II Jim Chesko 1:03


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  • “When Townsquare acquired XXL Magazine in 2014, our mission was to expand the iconic brand via social, video, podcasting, events and more while maintaining the core print magazine which is so important to the community. XXL Higher Level Radio is the next phase of that strategy, and like the XXL brand itself, we are excited for it to be influential, interactive and digital-forward.” Jared Willig, SVP Digital, Townsquare Media

  • Free Beer & Hot Wings has been the morning show on 97.9X since 2012. In that time, they’ve built a rabid fan base here in Northeast PA and have become consistently one of the top three rated shows in the market (which boasts a LOT of heritage stations and shows)...I LOVE having them as our morning show and part of our team at 97.9X in Wilkes Barre.” Mike Duffy, Program Director, Cumulus Media-Wilkes Barre, 97.9X/WBSX

  • ​“Joe's show is the exact blend of politics and humor that we are always searching for on 1210 WPHT. We've been aware of how The Joe Pags Show has been consistently producing a top-notch program and we're excited to bring his wit and unique brand of talk radio to 1210 WPHT. ” Jared Hart, Program Director, Talk-Radio 1210 WPHT

  • “Gordon is the perfect, upbeat host, to listen to as I start my day, six days a week. His team does a great job every day at covering stories that matter.”  Rob Snyder, Townsquare Media of Lubbock, Abilene & San Angelo, TX

  • “Only a few days in and I LOVE Kayla’s presentation. Her passion and bright enthusiasm are attention-grabbing and immediate!” Bob Bellini, Operations Manager, Energy 106.9FM/WNRG Milwaukee

  • I never refer to Compass Media Networks as a ‘syndicator’, as I have frequent, personal contact with Compass personnel whenever required. Further, everyone on the DeDe In The Morning may as well be in our studios here in Milwaukee! They are responsive, outgoing, and communicative on a daily basis. THAT is called superlative customer service. No cookie-cutter content. They work hard to produce relatable, funny, topical conversation. Not surprisingly, that makes DeDe easily one of the top shows in-demo in Milwaukee! —Bob Bellini, VP/General Manager, Milwaukee Radio Group

  • “Big D and Bubba may be a syndicated morning show but they sound 100% local. They go the extra mile daily to make their morning show sound as if it originates out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Big D and Bubba are the ultimate team players.”  Gordy Rush, Vice President, Guaranty Media / Market Manager, CRSM

  • “Joe’s name is synonymous with great rock radio...We’re excited to have him crack the mic nightly on the 50+ national affiliates of Ultimate Classic Rock, and to share commentary, stories, interviews and videos with our audience on the website.”  — Kurt Johnson, Senior VP of programming

J-Kruz, DeDe McGuire, JJ Williamson, Lady JadeDeDe In the Morning