Taste of Country Weekends


Considered one of the boys growing up, it’s not uncommon to find Jess shouting at the television during a football game with the boys.  However, you could just as easily find her gossiping about the latest pop-culture news over a glass of Malbec. A working knowledge of sports and celebrities may not qualify her to be the next president, but what gets her out of bed each morning. A graduate of Baylor University,  Jess never intended on doing broadcast. The dream was always softball, until after failed tryouts, she found herself in front of a university counselor telling her to get serious about the future. The outcome of that conversation led to Plan B (that B could have easily stood for “broadcast”). Indeed, that backup plan became her greatest passion.

It was sportscaster Holly Rowe who told her, “the best broadcasters are those who can write and write well.” Jess explains, “I believe this has propelled me through a fast-paced, highly-competitive career field.” Couple that with a passion for people and… boom, nearly a decade later still doing what she loves. Now, the host of Taste of Country Weekends, Jess is ready to bring her energy and love of country music to your living room, barstool, truck, or back porch… Where ever the weekend finds you, Jess will be there to entertain you with the latest from our beloved and never boring country music family…

“I feel so incredibly fortunate to be in this industry,” says Jess.  From voiceovers for dozens of clients on radio and television across the country to hosting Jess on the Job, and even voicing the character for an original-concept Stern pinball machine, Jess is a broadcast pro.  Notable interviews include artists Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Ed Sheeran, Ludacris, Conan O’Brien, Eli Manning, Elizabeth Hurley, and more.

Holding dear to her small town, California girl roots, Miss Jess aims to spread that west coast sunshine wherever she goes…


Taste of Country Nights

Taste of Country Nights

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