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October 31, 2022
Weekdays, 4-Hours
Frank Ski and Nina Brown

The Frank Ski Show

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‘The Frank Ski Show has been a top-rated radio program since 1985, with record-breaking performances in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. Frank Ski’s distinctive hosting style and sense of humor, balances music with celebrity guests, and discussions of culture, local and national headlines, and topical subject matter. Off the air, Frank works tirelessly to engage the audience and deliver support to community organizations throughout Atlanta, and the nation.

Integrate Frank Ski with co-host Nina Brown into every aspect of your station’s programming, imaging, and social media through the most affiliate-friendly programming available!

By offering-up an energetic dose of entertainment, humor, inspiration, and education, Frank Ski brings a well-balanced menu of intriguing topics as well as anything essential to Black Culture.

Frank has seen the world and lived life supporting each other through marriages, divorces, college kids, and now toddlers. There is almost no topic that is off-limits. Frank is a man’s man, and co-host Nina Brown is a girl’s girl, both immensely relatable, transparent, and vulnerable. They can hang out with the Obamas, then turn around and hang with your favorite rappers. On Sundays, they both believe in devoting the day to praising Jesus.

From Frank Ski’s Inspirational Vitamin® to unforgettable interviews from the most influential newsmakers to your favorite celebrities, their show is stimulating and entertaining with diversity, edge, and an attitude that translates to daily can’t miss programming all across America.

Entertaining, informative, humorous and inspirational, the program has it all. You won’t want to miss the up-to-date commentary on breaking news headlines and entertainment-based topics as well as anything essential to Black Culture.


  • Inspirational Vitamin®

    At the beginning and end of each show, Frank Ski’s daily inspirational message is played, followed by an inspirational song. Special guest Gospel artists like Pastor Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, and religious community leaders like Bishop TD Jakes, Reverend Bernice King, and others also deliver the inspirational message following interviews. The daily audio and video are posted online for listeners to replay and share — 1:45-2:30 mins in length

  • 20 Minute Mix

    On the drive home, the duo gives the listeners a 20-minute music mix to get the audience dancing and feeling good, ranging from the best old school, latest R&B, and classic hip-hop

  • 2 Truths & A Lie

    Frank, Nina, and a nationally renowned comedian or celebrity play the highly entertaining game of “2 Truths & A Lie,” where two of the hosts tell the truth, and one is telling a lie based on the chosen theme. Listeners call in and say whom they believe is lying and explain why. TSL driven as listeners excitedly play along and stay tuned in for the payoff of knowing who the liar truly is. Optional prize/contest for the correct caller — M-W-F, 2 Breaks

  • The Group Chat

    Frank and Nina take the biggest topics on social media and talk about it with their listeners — M-W-F, 4 Breaks

  • Church’s Check-In

    This hilarious bit features funny clips from the churches that Frank gets invited to attend — Fridays

  • Nina Brown’s Entertainment Report

    Nina delivers the latest in celebrity gossip complete with exclusive inside info — Daily

  • Brainteaser Friday

    The listeners get a chance to figure out puzzles and riddles sometimes with the help of a famous comedian

As very active hosts and spokespeople for many charitable and educational initiatives, Frank Ski and Nina Brown believe in community!  The Frank Ski Show is highly visible on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — posting videos consistently on all social platforms.

For more information on how to secure The Frank Ski Show  in your market, call Nancy Abramson (914) 707-9963 or email 




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