Weekday Mornings 5AM - 10AM ET; Weekends: 4 Hours
DeDe McGuire, Lady Jade, Michael Shawn

DeDe In the Morning

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From the studios of the world famous K104 in Dallas, DeDe McGuire is the host; Lady Jade and Michael Shawn, serve as co-hosts. Gary Saunders serves as producer. Service Broadcasting’s Director of Operations Geo Cook programs DeDe in the Morning and serves as Brand Manager and GM.

Since 2011, DeDe McGuire has been the host of “DeDe in the Morning” on K104FM Dallas, TX. The show airs Monday through Friday from 5AM until 10AM ET.

Along with co-host Lady Jade and comedian Michael Shawn, the morning show has consistently been a top ratings fixture in the Dallas/Ft. Worth radio market. Like many morning shows, it’s a mix of the silly and the serious, with discussions ranging from news topics, hip-hop culture, and community events, to comedy bits like the “Mad Minute,” in which listeners prank-call friends and relatives, stirring them up into bleeped-out frenzies. To listen in,


  • Congratulations to DeDe McGuire! DeDe has been named as on the Most Influential Women in Radio by RadioINK magazine, May 2019.
  • In January 2019, DeDe In The Morning ranked #21 The Source Magazine Power 30 — Hip-Hop’s most popular movers and shakers.

NEW! WEEKEND SHOW:  “DeDe’s Weekend Kickback” for Hip-Hop/Rhythmic-Urban, and Urban AC. Content-only version available. The Weekend Show features funny content that keeps listeners tuned-in:

  • Date Fail – DeDe Fixes First Date Disasters
  • Comedy Corner with Michael Shawn – Big Laughs with Funny Comedians
  • Mad Minute – DeDe Has Fun with Prank Calls 
  • DeDe Hot Topics – DeDe Spills The Tea on Hot Celebrities
  • What The Heck are You Doin’ at the Courthouse – Lady Jade Looks for Laughs at the Courthouse
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DeDe McGuire, Michael Shawn, Lady JadeDeDe In the Morning