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What’s it like helping U2 make their setlist at soundcheck? How do you break up a fight between Eddie and Alex Van Halen? And what do you do when the Black Crowes want to keep partying and it’s already three o’clock in the morning? “The Captain” Herb Ivy knows the answers as he’s been in the thick of it in the world of Classic Rock for over 40 years. And now the Captain brings those stories and passion for all that is rock and roll to UCR Weekends.

Hailing from London, Herb got to the US a little bit after the Beatles. Unfortunately, he lost his cool British accent when he moved to the gritty streets of New Jersey. His love for Rock Radio started early when Herb and his older brother would keep meticulous charts of what songs were trending on the radio and in the record stores.

Herb played guitar in high school bands…including Stonehenge (and this was way before Spinal Tap!). He cracked his first microphone on the radio in 1982 at the University of Virginia, where his Program Director strongly suggested he change his on-air name to The Captain because “Herb” was too geeky for Rock and Roll. Right or wrong…The Captain was born!

Since then, The Captain has rubbed shoulders with every Classic Rock icon imaginable, amassing a treasure trove of tales. On UCR Weekends, his stories come alive, transporting you through the annals of Rock history and his adventures with Aerosmith, AC/DC, Elton John, ZZ Top, and many more. He’s even earned the esteemed title of “honorary Van Zant” from the Lynyrd Skynyrd crew!

With UCR Weekends as his stage, The Captain is ready to ignite the party. Join him as he turns your Saturday and Sunday nights into epic sagas of Rock n’ Roll revelry. With The Captain at the helm, get ready to have a good time…all the time!

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