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April 8, 2021
Weekend Show - 3 Hours

Y’all Access

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Y’all Access with Kelly Sutton is a three-hour weekend program offering country music fans a guided tour of the hottest stories out of Nashville, exclusive interviews, backstage chats, and insider scoop from Music Row.

One of Nashville’s most beloved on-air personalities, Kelly Sutton is a CMA Award-nominated radio host and the first female staff announcer at the Grand Ole Opry. The show is produced out of the Silverfish studios in Nashville, TN. Kenny Jay of Albright & O’Malley & Brenner serves as media consultant. The show is programmed and produced by industry veteran Joyce Rizer.

“I get the chance to share some of the best events in Nashville with our audience,” says Sutton. “During the week, I cover red carpets, album releases, and number one parties. I want country music fans from coast to coast to experience what it’s like to be there. So each weekend I wrap it all up in a three-hour package filled with artist interviews and behind-the-scenes scoop! This show is a passion project of mine and I’m grateful to the teams at Silverfish Media and Compass Media Networks for helping bring it to life!”

“Y’all Access with Kelly Sutton” is a mix of current and recurrent music, with an emphasis on artist interviews and features, including an Opry Spotlight. The show is available for barter and offered on a market-exclusive basis.

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About Kelly Sutton

Emmy-winning TV Anchor and Radio Personality Kelly Sutton has called Nashville home since 2001. After arriving in Tennessee, Kelly quickly found her niche covering the Country Music scene. She has covered the biggest events and stories in country music for outlets including Amazon Music, Prime Video, Gaylord Entertainment, CMA,, Holler.Country, Tune-In Radio, and more.  She is the first female staff announcer in Grand Ole Opry history and co-hosts Coffee, Country & Cody for WSM Radio and Circle All Access. She can be reached at


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