2-4 Hours Weekends; Daily Dees Weekdays, 4-5 Hours
Rick Dees

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 & Daily Dees

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The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is the gold standard, produced with the hottest hits, biggest names in music, a true sense of humor and the highest quality in the industry. The countdowns are available in Mainstream AC, CHR and Hot AC with a custom music list specifically for each format based on radio airplay and sales. The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 has its own mobile marketing platform, a unique content-rich website and a loyal audience that can’t get enough.

Program Notes: Saturday / Sunday; Length: 4 Hours; Inventory: 6 Minutes Per Hour.

Weekly Countdowns:  Weekends 4 Hours.

Daily Dees: Rick can be your talent in ANY Monday through Friday day-part. This program is delivered as a voice-tracked program where you play your own music.



Dees became the hottest property in radio when he began hosting the top-rated morning radio show in Los Angeles on KIIS-FM in 1981. In a short time, he turned KIIS-FM into the #1 revenue generating radio station in America with an asset value approaching one-half billion dollars. With unprecedented ratings success, Dees garnered many accolades, including Billboard Radio Personality Of The Year ten years in a row, the Marconi Award, the National Radio Hall Of Fame, and his induction into the National Association Of Broadcasters’ Hall Of Fame. Dees launched his nationally syndicated daily radio show, “Daily Dees”, partnering with Cumulus Media and rocketed to the top 5 in Los Angeles on Clear Channel’s Hot 92.3 FM. Over the years, Dees adds television appearances and hosting duties to his resume. Rick Dees and his wife Julie reside in Los Angeles. Their son, Kevin, is president of Creative Development for Dees Entertainment, Inc., and a radio/TV host himself. Rick Dees — entertainer, outdoorsman, farmer, avid golfer and ardent pastry chef.

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