5 Hours - 7p-Midnight - Weeknights and Weekends
Toni Gonzalez and Todd Fooks

Loudwire Nights

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Loudwire Nights – Weeknights, hosted by Toni Gonzalez, is the fastest-growing rock show in radio and is based on the popular rock brand LOUDWIRE.COM, the leading rock fan destination. Gonzalez is based out of the show’s New York City studios and features interviews with the biggest artists, performances, and rock music trends weeknights across 30 radio stations. 

Loudwire Weekend, hosted by Todd Fooks, carries the tradition of Loudwire Nights by playing ALL the Rock that matters, plus rare live versions, special artist blocks, and great songs you may have forgotten. The biggest names in rock regularly stop by to chat or spin their favorite tracks. Host Todd Fooks is a radio vet and journalist with stints in Chicago, Tucson, Salt Lake City, and more. In Todd’s own words, “It has been said I’ll say anything that comes to mind and not care what people think, but it’s not like I’m some guy going out and picking a fight. I’m not that hard-core of a dude. I have a son, a cat, and one awful tattoo that I’ll die with. No regrets! I can even tell you how the world is gonna end. It won’t be pretty, but what the hell, neither am I.” 




DeDe McGuire, JJ Williamson, J-KruzDeDe In the Morning