Loudwire Nights

Loudwire Nights
  • Host:

    Toni Gonzalez

  • Times:

    5 Hours - Monday - Friday 7p-Midnight

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Loudwire Nights

Loudwire Nights, hosted by Toni Gonzalez, is the fastest-growing rock show in radio and is based on the popular rock brand LOUDWIRE.COM, the leading rock fan destination. Gonzalez is based out of the show’s New York City studios and features interviews with the biggest artists, performances, and rock music trends weeknights across 30 radio stations.  


If this was Tinder, I’d just put up a picture and be done with it.  But since this is a bio, here’s a little about me:   I’m obsessed with rock music, pizza and my dog.  I love a good rock concert and not just for the “kick-ass” music — nor for the sense of community and the permanent damage to my hearing — but because I get to wear clothes that I would never wear in front of my dad. I’m a Cuban who moved to Miami when I was two years old and I definitely did not arrive via private jet… Let’s just say I learned to swim at an early age.  I began my career in radio at 18. I studied Broadcast-Journalism and worked in television, and news-print.  So I’ve been heard, seen, read and I’m sure — sniffed, a few times along the way.  I can recite the lyrics to any Nine Inch Nails song, am confident that with this job I‘ll achieve more success than all of my ex-’s combined…and, I am certain that Coca-Cola in a glass bottle tastes way better than in a can.  If you want to know more about me, reach out on the “time- sucking” social media platform of your choice.   “Toni is a rock star. There, I said it…Townsquare is home to the new rising stars in multi-media, and Toni’s success in radio, TV, podcasting and video matches Townsquare’s mission perfectly.” — Kurt Johnson, SVP/Programming, Townsquare Media  







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