Release Date
April 2, 2018
Mon-Fri 12Noon-3PM ET; Weekend “Best Of” 3 Hrs
Jamie Markley, David Van Camp, Scott Robbins


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Make sense of it all, and have fun. If there’s one sentence that sums up Markley, van Camp, & Robbins, that’s it. Jamie Markley (the Gen Xer), David van Camp (the Millennial), and Scott Robbins (the Baby Boomer) go through the news the same way you and your friends would…taking the serious stuff, well, seriously, while also laughing at the absurd. Each one brings a unique perspective to the news of the day, closing the generation gap in a way no other talk show can. At the end of the day, it’s three friends hanging out, talking about everything from what’s truly important, to the stories that just make you laugh. One thing is for sure: it’s never boring.

*** Ranked #67 Talkers 2023 HEAVY HUNDRED ***


“We have been thrilled since adding the Markley and van Camp Show. They have been a refreshing change from the majority of talk shows out there – funny, engaging, and energetic. They represent the ‘Next Gen’ of talk radio.”
Gordy Rush, Vice President, Guaranty Media

“Markley, Van Camp and Robbins–current, resonating and above all, entertaining. I wish more shows were this fun.”
Bruce Collins, KXL-FM/Portland, OR, Alpha Media

“MVR is one of my favorite shows. I enjoy listening to them just as much as my listeners enjoy them. I’m thrilled to have MVR represent my station.”
Keith Memoly, WDBO-FM/Orlando, FL, Cox Media Group

“MVR is a ‘must-have’ for news/talk stations that intend to be on the air five years from now.” 
Mike Dorwart, SVPP, KASI/Ames, IA, iHeartMedia

“Timely, topical and a touch of irreverence. These guys are the smart weapon in your arsenal against tired talk radio!”
Rick Van Cise, 570KVI/Seattle, WA, Sinclair Broadcast Group

“MVR has been a great program for us to break up the monotony that often comes with news/talk programming. Many listeners, myself included, report constant laughter thanks to this trio!”
Ashley Schamerhorn, WIQO-FM/Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA, 3 Daughters Media

“The next generation of news/talk radio. Compelling. Funny. Real.”
Bill Brady, President, KFNX/Phoenix, AZ

“Conversational, topical & funny. It’s refreshing to find a show that informs while it entertains. Talk radio is evolving and MVR gets it!”
Mike Kapel, WDAY/Fargo, ND, Forum Communications

“MVR is my personal, don’t-miss show Monday-Friday. It’s the next generation savior for AM radio.”
Randy Hopper, KFIZ/Fond du Lac, WI, Mountain Dog Media Inc

“When we launched KOKC as ‘Talk Radio’s New Generation,’ MVR was a no-brainer. They’re topical, entertaining, and just what talk radio needs to bring in the next generation of talk radio consumers.”
Kevin Christopher, KOKC/Oklahoma City, OK, Tyler Media


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