Markley and van Camp

Markley and van Camp
  • Host:

    David van Camp & Jamie Markley

  • Times:

    12Noon-3pm ET

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Markley and van Camp

MARKLEY & VAN CAMP broadcast live 12Noon – 3pm ET from WMBD-AM, Peoria, IL.  Few shows have launched into national syndication with the momentum and success of MARKLEY & VAN CAMP. The show is an often-humorous collection of hot takes on the day’s top trending stories. Hosts Jamie Markley and David van Camp are currently heard in top markets, most notably Portland, Oregon; where, on KXL-FM, MVC has been the leading news-talk show in its daypart for 36 books in a row!

“Jamie Markley and Dave van Camp are rock stars. They are different from other News-Talk shows. Our goal was to end up as the new face of NT Radio to give the format something fresh and different, and MVC bring it every day!” — Scott Mahalick, Executive VP of Content, Alpha Media  

“Thank you Alpha Media for developing MVC! Markley & van Camp bring a unique mix of humor and fun to current events that will retain core talk-radio listeners while gaining the hearts and minds of millennials searching for compelling daytime entertainment.” — Peter Kosann, Founder/CEO, Compass Media Networks

“We are thrilled and appreciative for the opportunity to go national. Thank you in advance to our affiliates and advertisers for their faith in us.” — Jamie Markley, Host, Markley & van Camp Show


“Couldn’t be happier with the show…couldn’t be happier with the response. It’s nice to have a news-talk show that emphasizes entertainment over shouting matches.” — Brian Haldane, Program Director, WBRP/Baton Rouge, LA

“We have been thrilled since adding the Markley and van Camp Show. They have been a refreshing change from the majority of talk shows out there – funny, engaging, and energetic. They represent the ‘Next Gen’ of talk radio.” — Gordy Rush, Vice President, Guaranty Media

“When we launched KOKC as ‘Talk Radio’s New Generation,’ MVC was a no brainer. They’re topical, entertaining, and just what talk radio needs to bring in the next generation of talk radio consumers.”  — Tod Tucker, Program Director, Tyler Media, KOKC/Oklahoma City


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